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    TDW and how it works.

    This product allows you to track your digital sales back to the purchaser.

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    Hosting service

    With our patent pending technology we can provide state of the art hosting services for your digital media. Customization and state of the art tracking services. Call us today and let us show you how we can help your companies bottom line.
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    Tracking service

    We at Goldmarc Solutions have developed a unique tracking method of all digital media. We can send you customized reports showing you exactly where your digital media is being used and by whom.
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    MPAA & United Artists

    Major Movie theaters are interested in what Goldmarc Solutions is producing to prevent movies from being released on the internet.
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    Motion Picture

    Several major motion picture companies and concert groups are interested in testing the technologies that Goldmarc Solutions has been developing for over 5 years. Products for the prevention and detection of digital cameras.
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    Major Universities

    Many universities that want to enter into the new digital age of publishing have been hesitant because of digital piracy. Goldmarc has provided a reliable tracking method to help maintain better quality control after sales.


 Have you ever wondered how you will protect you digital media from piracy on the internet?

You could go to companies and have embedded digital markers that give the name of the company producing this digital marker, or you can have your name and company name added. You can even go to the extreme of adding key codes and passwords, but that does not stop a hacker who is sharing your digital media, so the question is.

Are there any solutions to protect my digital media from theft?

There is now!

Goldmarc Solutions, LLC has patented technology where now we combine the best of both worlds.

Sales & Protection.

No longer to you have to pay for useless encryption keys that do absolutely nothing but embed your name or the company into the file. No longer do you have to put all your money into upfront costs of digital production and sales.

At Goldmarc we are changing the face of digital protection with our premier package called “Beacon.”

This is how the product works:

We embed several different markers into your digital file:

  1. 1.   A ( 7 ) layer cypher
  2. 2.   Then we use steganography to attach it to the binary code
  3. 3.   Then we embed customer information, such as:

The customer name



The date it was purchased

Where it was purchased

The author’s name

  1. 4.   Then we embed a JAVA code called “Beacon” that beacons back to our databases the location where that shared file can be found.

But wait, there is more…

As an added prevention for ALL print media we use micro dot technology to embed code that prevents your digital photos or Ebooks from being copied on copy machines.

That’s right, no more copying of all your hard work.

We will be setting up servers for different products for you to use for FREE this new ground breaking technology. All of this is done seamlessly upon download. Please view our demo at www.bysps.com/demo/demo.php

It get’s even better, we are negotiating contracts with companies like Netflixs, and Redbox to allow you a digital portal to sell your product at specific locations for a minimal monthly fee, you can get all the demographic information before publishing to that kiosk.

We have also developed digital products for protection for outside presentations, concerts, movies that prevent the digital pirates form taking digital movies and pictures and sharing them.

But wait there is more….. Come back and see how we can protect ALL your digital and print media from piracy and all at a cost effective price.

One more thing we also can embed into print media video commercials or presentations into ALL print media that you can view from your cell phone or Ipad.



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Email: goldmarc-solutions@gmail.com