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    TDW and how it works.

    This product allows you to track your digital sales back to the purchaser.

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    Hosting service

    With our patent pending technology we can provide state of the art hosting services for your digital media. Customization and state of the art tracking services. Call us today and let us show you how we can help your companies bottom line.
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    Tracking service

    We at Goldmarc Solutions have developed a unique tracking method of all digital media. We can send you customized reports showing you exactly where your digital media is being used and by whom.
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    MPAA & United Artists

    Major Movie theaters are interested in what Goldmarc Solutions is producing to prevent movies from being released on the internet.
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    Motion Picture

    Several major motion picture companies and concert groups are interested in testing the technologies that Goldmarc Solutions has been developing for over 5 years. Products for the prevention and detection of digital cameras.
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    Major Universities

    Many universities that want to enter into the new digital age of publishing have been hesitant because of digital piracy. Goldmarc has provided a reliable tracking method to help maintain better quality control after sales.



Investors and coders needed.

Please watch the presentation, and try our working demo.


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