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    TDW and how it works.

    This product allows you to track your digital sales back to the purchaser.

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    Hosting service

    With our patent pending technology we can provide state of the art hosting services for your digital media. Customization and state of the art tracking services. Call us today and let us show you how we can help your companies bottom line.
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    Tracking service

    We at Goldmarc Solutions have developed a unique tracking method of all digital media. We can send you customized reports showing you exactly where your digital media is being used and by whom.
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    MPAA & United Artists

    Major Movie theaters are interested in what Goldmarc Solutions is producing to prevent movies from being released on the internet.
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    Motion Picture

    Several major motion picture companies and concert groups are interested in testing the technologies that Goldmarc Solutions has been developing for over 5 years. Products for the prevention and detection of digital cameras.
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    Major Universities

    Many universities that want to enter into the new digital age of publishing have been hesitant because of digital piracy. Goldmarc has provided a reliable tracking method to help maintain better quality control after sales.


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VC and Franchising options available

for our new patented technologies.

Goldmarc Solutions, LLC has been developing internet self-publishing and anti-piracy products for both the internet and retail environment for over 7 years. Our most recent products to be developed are for movie theaters and the digital artist. Goldmarc has created what is called the “Goldbox” that allows an internet portal for those needing a retail experience for selling their digital wares.

Included with this product is also Goldmarc’s digital tracking service. Goldmarc has now combined several services into one product line helping to reduce upfront costs for self-publishers and creating a one stop solution for them. Many key targets and joint venturing options will come through Netflixs, Redbox, United Artists and Flicker. Adobe and Digimarc will be 3rd party providers of this technology to the consumer.

This patented technology is not limited to digital sales and tracking but also prevention. Many of the patented products through Goldmarc Solutions are currently being used in local movie theaters to prevent the piracy of movies. Our goal is to capture 10% of the digital market in the first year of launch with an anticipated growth potential each year of 20%. We feel we will never tap the full potential of our product line since the versatility and use can be applied into so many different industries.

Future growth and expansion can be applied to new technology LED TV’s, LED billboards, LED Movie screens, also the authentication of memorabilia and other items needing authentication.  The digital tracking service is not limited to sales of digital products but can be used as a means of tracking the source of all digital transactions and other covert methods for confidential information.

The fact that Goldmarc has patented a new method of concealing information in all digital media and creating several layers of protection means that military personal can send messages to top personal without fear of interception.

Self-publishing solutions will be the flagship product launched after investment capital is raised and other anti-piracy and authentication products will be sold or licensed soon after. Please feel free to contact us concerning this new era in digital security and sales. This is a ground floor opportunity for the savvy investor looking for a huge return on their low risk investments.